6 Steps To A Healthy Food Plot

1. Soil Testing

One of the most common questions we get concerns fertilizer requirements for our various seed blends. With the wide range of soils and fertility of those soils, it is impossible for anyone to answer these questions without a current and accurate soil test. In Extreme Custom Food Plots continuing effort to help its customers have the very best food-plots, we have teamed with a reputable soil lab to offer professional analysis of our customer’s soil samples and provide them with detailed soil fertility and lime needs based on the exact seed blend they will be planting.

2. Herbicide Application

Weeds can be a food plot’s WORST enemy. Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC has the correct equipment to apply herbicides precisely and accurately. This will help achieve the maximum potential of a food plot. We have the ability to apply herbicides both pre-plant and post emerge. ALL virgin plots should be sprayed with a burn down prior to any tillage. Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC is Licensed and Insured for commercial pesticide application. We have both large and small sprayers to accommodate a food plot.

3. Lime Fertilizer Application

After reviewing your soil test broadcast the correct amount of nutrients to the soil for the food source you are trying to grow.

4. Tillage

There may be some tillage needed to prepare an adequate seed bed for planting your food plot. You may need plowing, disking, or roto tilling. In many cases with a no till drill you can avoid this step.

5. Planting your plot

ECFP offers 3 planters: a no till Great Plains drill, a no till 4 row John Deere corn/soybean planter, and an 8’ Brillion seeder.

6. Herbicide Follow-up

You will have to apply herbicide to your food plot about 4-8 weeks post emergence.