Land Clearing

Land Clearing is a very important part of Extreme Custom Food Plots. We have equipped ourselves with the best of equipment and exceptional operators to help bring your dreams to a reality. We build our business based on exceeding the expectations of our customer. When it comes to land clearing or any other part of our business we live by the slogan “There are no traffic jams if you go the extra mile”. We have the ability to start with standing timber and create areas ready to plant in a matter of days. No project will be too large nor too small. Our current radius for land clearing is Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We will entertain larger clearings outside of that radius.

Our Service Area

Land Clearing

Our Link Belt 250 Excavator and Our 550K Dozer with Root Rake lets us clear and level ground for your land clearing project. We are equipped to handle projects from food plots to clearing lanes in forests. 

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Clearing trees

Our KOX80 Excavator with a TMK Shear and our ASV RT 135 Skid Steer w/Grapple lets us take your forested property down to an open field. We can take on any scale of forested environment.

Forestry Tilling

Our Valentini Scorpion Forestry Tiller is our featured piece of equipment. This piece of equipment is used when we do our Land Clearing. It will mulch up to 12” diameter tree stumps and tree roots 7″ below the ground surface. One single pass with the Forest Tiller and your forest is ready to plant into a food plot. You can view this tiller on our website.

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