Food Plot Planting

Transform Your Property

Turn your land into the food plot of your dreams! It doesn’t matter if you have a wide open field or a thickforest. With our specialized equipment and expertise Extreme Custom Food Plots can take your property and turn it into the perfect hunting scenario.

We take care of everything from start to finish. Soil testing, forestry mulching, clearing, tilling, fertilizing, seeding, and setting up a Redneck blind for the cherry on top. This plot will produce deer for years to come.

See our 6 Steps To A Healthy Food Plot  to see how we will make your food plot.

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Food plot Seeding

our 8’ Brillion Seeder

The simplicity of the Sure Stand Concept is still the best way to seed legumes, brassicas, switch grass and lawns efficiently. The larger front notched roller firms the seedbed and puts shallow indentations into the soil surface. The seed is metered from the seed boxes to free fall onto the deflectors. The deflectors spread the seed across the full width of the seeder for a broadcast style of seeding. The smaller rear roller, with its notches splitting the middle of the front indentations, squeezes the soil around the seed for the ultimate in seed to soil contact and consistent seed placement. That’s the Sure Stand Concept.

Our Service Area

Our custom food plot service area consits of all of Wisconsin, and select parts of Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. 

No Till Planting

Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC has a John Deere 7000 planter, this
unit is equipped with no till coulters and “yetter shark tooth trash whips”
This planter is recommended when planting in an established food
plot. It is used to plant sunflowers, soybeans, and corn in 30” rows.

No-till Drills

We also have a Great Plains No till drill equipped with a clover seed box,
oats box and native seed box. This drill has 7 1/2” spacings and can
plant everything but corn. The advantages of the no-till are:
• Conservation of moisture in the soil for those hot dry summers
• Lower cost of installing the food plot
• Better weed control
• With a short planting window some years, this could make the
difference in getting your plot planted
• Increases organic matter
• Improves soil tilth

Miscanthus / Tree Planting

We do custom planting of bare root trees and miscanthus.