Seed Bed Preperation

Extreme Custom Food Plots Believes in good seedbed preparation is essential for a healthy food plot when tillage is needed. There are many different tillage tools, and each one is designed for their own conditions. Examples sod or high thatch situations would be a moldboard plow. Soil that has been tilled and remains clumpy, give me a rotary tiller. Low trash with very little crop residue a harrow works well. Our John Deere Hi Speed disc is a great all-around tillage tool from high residue to minimum till situations. The goal is to have the most uniform seed bed, to achieve a precise planting depth across the plot. This will ensure similar germination times across the plot and protect the seed from birds, coon, squirrels etc. You will achieve lower browse pressure if the whole plot is up and better weed control with a quicker canopy and many less bare spots. Extreme Custom Food Plots has you covered for all your tillage situations.

Food Plot Rototilling

Our Maschieo 100 inch Tiller makes quick work of tilling the soil for your food plot.

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Food Plot Plowing

Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC has a 6’ chisel plow which we use to prepare a plot where the soil has not been tilled or worked for years, like CRP ground. We prefer to spray your future food plot with a herbicide prior to plowing the soil.

Food Plot Disking

Our The John Deere 2680H Disc – 8’

Create a level, smooth seed bed free of weeds that allows plantingand seeding equipment the best opportunity to place seed at the correct depth, setting the stage for the best crops.

Food Plot Cultivating

our Unverferth Perfecta 12 – 10’

Ideal for creating perfect seed beds in low trash environments.