Soil Testing

Extreme Custom Food Plots - Soil Tests:

One of the most common questions we get concerns fertilizer requirements for our various seed blends. With the wide range of soils and fertility of those soils, it is impossible for anyone to answer these questions without a current and accurate soil test. In Extreme Custom Food Plots continuing effort to help its customers have the very best food-plots, we have teamed with a reputable soil lab to offer professional analysis of our customer’s soil samples and provide them with detailed soil fertility and lime needs based on the exact seed blend they will be planting. 

Complete Soil Test with all Micro's - $30.90

Extreme Custom Food Plots has set up 2 ways for you to get your soil samples professionally analyzed:

  1. You can request one of our soil test kits any time you place a seed order. This kit contains everything you need to have your soil sample analyzed. You can send your sample directly to AgSource and include payment to them. Typical turn around is 4-7 Days
  2. If you wish to have your soil analyzed before you purchase your seed, you can print out the form and submit it with your soil sample. (To print the form image: Left click on “DOWNLOAD SOIL TESTING FORM”) You can send your sample directly to AgSource and include payment to them. Typical turn around is 4-7 Days.

    Please note that it is very difficult to make a fertility recommendation without a soil test. To start the process, please click on the  Download Soil Test Form.  

Directions for collecting your soil sample:

  • The soil sample should be representative of the area for which you want recommendations.
  • Avoid areas that have an obvious difference in soil type, drainage, or plant growth.
  • Take samples from 6-8 spots in each plot you want tested and mix these together.
  • Each sample should be taken from a depth of 6″
  • Mix the samples from each plot separately, air dry, remove stones and other debris.
  • Submit ONLY 1 cup of dry soil in a clean zip-lock bag
  • Fill out one of Extreme Custom Food Plots soil sample forms for each sample submitted.