Redneck Blinds

We are the Largest Redneck Hunting Blind Dealer in Wisconsin.

People from all surrounding states come here for their blinds as well.  We also can assemble your Redneck Deer Blind for you, if you need some help.

Redneck Blinds is America’s leading manufacturer of maintenance-free hunting blinds. Redneck Hunting Blinds are built in Lamar, MO, by the dedicated staff of Redneck Outdoor Products, LLC. They manufacture a wide variety of products for the outdoor industry. They strive to provide high quality unique products that are designed for hunters by hunters. Redneck Blinds are engineered and designed with everything a hunter needs in a high quality hunting blind.

We offer FREE BLIND DELIVERY to Customers in Wisconsin.  We also offer  BLIND INSTALLATION throughout Wisconsin for an additional charge.

On orders of 4 or more blinds please call for better pricing.

The Game Changer Platinum 360° 6X8 Box Blind


The Big Country Platinum 360° 6X7 Box Blind


The Buck Palace Platinum 360° 6X6 Box Blind


The Predator Platinum 360° 5X6 Box Blind


The Stalker Platinum 360° 5X6 Gun Box Blind


Soft Side 360° Ghillie Deluxe 6X6 Ground Blind


Soft Side 360° Burlap Deluxe 6X6 Ground Blind


Outfitter HD Bale Blind


Outfitter HD Burlap Bale Blind


Trailer Blind Stand


Hunting Cabin Platinum 7×8


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