Final Rest Shooting System


The new Redneck Final Rest Shooting System is the perfect addition to any Hunting Blind. The shooting rest makes it easier to take long-range shots and requires minimum space within the blind, unlike tripods. The shooting rest is a 3-piece system that is easy to set up (pillar, arm, and shooting platform) and move from one blind to another.

About Final Rest Shooting System

See the Redneck Final Rest Shooting System in Action

The advantage of this innovative shooting rest is that it doesn’t take up any legroom in your blind compared to a traditional tripod-mounted shooting rest system. The whole system weighs four pounds, making it easy to move from blind to blind. Additional pillars (the monopod with a clamp that serves as the base for the whole system) can be purchased.

You can put multiple pillars in each blind to ensure you take an accurate shot out of any window. It is easy to move the arm and shooting rest from pillar to pillar. The down post on our rest system is the same diameter as the Fourth Arrow Camera Arms. If you want to film your hunt and have a steady rest, you can use the same pillars for both systems.

Main Redneck Final Rest Shooting Rest Features:

  • Provides a stable shooting platform that doesn’t take up legroom
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 13” arm for a wide range of motion
  • Additional pillars are available,so you can put multiple in each blind (sold separately)
  • Works with almost any weapon, from rifles to crossbows
  • Extremely maneuverable (adjust the height of the entire system, pan, and tilt)
  • Adjustable shooting yoke angle
  • Adjustable yoke position on the platform

Redneck Final Rest Kit Includes:

  • Pillar
  • 13” arm (26” of motion left to right)
  • Shooting Platform

Specs for Redneck Shooting Rest:

  • Total Kit Weight: 4 abs
  • Collapsed Height of Pillar: 27.5”
  • Extended Height of Pillar: 50”
  • Arm Length: 13”

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