“Rocket Stand” Hydraulic Trailer Stand


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Would You Like A Much Easier Way to Move your Blind??

Many landowners purchase multiple enclosed tower stands and the biggest challenge is changing food sources out of your control. There is another thing to think about, do you hunt lower land that floods in the spring of year and need a simple way to remove you blind? We hear people say a lot of times I lease my property I would have to pay you to put it up and take it down. This blind trailer goes up and down in less than 30 seconds with only one person. The “Rocket Stand” is designed with a jack on all four corners that extend and act as outriggers for maximum stability. Rocket stand will accommodate up to a 6×7 blind. When fully raised floor height is 8.’ The blind id raised with an electric over hydraulic pump. THERE ARE NO CABLES TO TANGLE, OR MANUAL HAND CRANK WINCHES TO CRANK, ALSO NO MANUAL HYDRAULIC HAND PUMP JACKS TO RAISE AND LOWER THE BLIND!! Rocket Stand is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

I promise you I have seen many different elevating deer stands built. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to see this one before you commit to another brand.

About “Rocket Stand” Hydraulic Trailer Stand

• Dexter 3500lb axle
• Main frame is 3/16” square tube
• Blind support is 1/8” square tube
• 8 ft to the top of base when extended
• 11-12 ft of height at line of sight from blind
• 4 Out Riggers with jacks
• Electric over Hydraulic pump in secure
Diamond plate box
• High quality black powder coating
Available for Fiberglass Blinds and SoftSided Blind Models:
• 5×5 Trophy Tower Platinum
• 5×6 Stalker 360 Gun
• 5×6 Predator Platinum 360
• 6×6 Buck Palace Platinum 360
• 6×7 Big Country Platinum 360
• 6×6 Soft Side Ghillie 360 Deluxe
• Trailer is compatible with most brands of blinds.


* Please note: All soft sided Blind Models require the Soft Side Platform Grid and Foam Floor
Conversion Kit in order to attach the blind to the Trailer Stand

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