Ultra Mag lime

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Available In Smaller Quantities Aswell.

Benefits of UltraMag: Greater Yields + Greater ROI 


GLC Minerals’ UltraMag™ is a custom-processed dolomitic aglime from a natural source. This naturally occurring mineral is ground to a fine powder to make it more effective than dolomitic aglime. It also has a higher acid neutralizing potential than calcitic lime (thus giving it a higher Calcium Carbonate Equivalent). In addition, the soil reaction rate of dolomitic limestone is known to be 2.5 to 4.5 times slower than calcitic lime.

Because UltraMag is slower reacting than calcitic lime, UltraMag is the perfect choice to increase pH, protect humus and supply Mg on lighter soils like sandy loams, sandy soils, forest soils and pastures. GLC Minerals’ UltraMag is the perfect choice to efficiently and effectively increase soil pH in the central sands of Wisconsin and protect crops from herbicide injury that is often associated with over-liming when using calcitic aglime.


Because UltraMag™ is a bulk powder product, it’s more cost effective than pelletized products. The pelletizing process adds considerable cost to the product without any improved effectiveness. In fact, purchasing pelletized products may make soil correction cost prohibitive.

For optimum yields, effective liming material must raise the soil pH to a desired level. UltraMag custom processed lime from GLC Minerals does just that, with the smallest amount of material applied possible. In contrast, aglime must be applied farther in advance and at much higher rates per acre than UltraMag. In some cases, poor quality aglime may not increase soil pH to the desired level.

About Ultra Mag lime

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