Food Plot Fertilizer and Lime

What Do The 3 Numbers on a Bag or Gallon of Liquid Fertilizer Mean? When you purchase fertilizer, it is sold by the gallon, 25# bag, 50# bag, or ton. The first number is “Units of Nitrogen” the middle number is “Units of Phosphorus” the last number is “Units of Potash”. To understand what you […]

From Forest To Food Plot

See the steps of how we can turn a property from a full forest into a wide open feild ready to be planted. 

6 Steps To A Healthy Food Plot

1. Soil Testing One of the most common questions we get concerns fertilizer requirements for our various seed blends. With the wide range of soils and fertility of those soils, it is impossible for anyone to answer these questions without a current and accurate soil test. In Extreme Custom Food Plots continuing effort to help […]